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The process of social media optimization includes various activities through which professionals make their business’ social media presence strong to attract more and more visitors to their page. Today, SMO is treated as the new SEO or we can say that taking its place. Sharing via Facebook, Google Reader, and all popular social media marketing sites are preferred more as compared to the traditional digital marketing practices. That’s the only reason why SMO services offered by Litost India works on the principle of 3Ws, i.e; What, Who and Where?

  • What are you planning to achieve through SMO activities?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Where your target audiences hang-outs & how frequently they use social media?
  • What message do you want to convey to your target audience through SMO?

As soon as we are familiar with your business goals, we start SMO activities from our ends. It’s necessary to be aware of these attributes because an SMO campaign without a strategy is like roving in a place without having a guide-you might experience fun, but you will never get desired results. Our SMO service comprises of following activities,

  • Creating Facebook business page and groups to make your Facebook presence strong. Try to increase more and more page likes by running campaigns and posing banners on regular basis to increase post reach of the page.
  • Optimizing your Twitter page to increase followers and make it popular by creating events as per the requirements.
  • Make Linkedin and Google+ page popular by increasing page followers genuinely.
  • A regular update on social media pages shows the professionalism of a business page. It helps to attract visitors to your social media page.
  • Regular involvement in social media groups helps to increase page like and interaction to boost your market presence.
  • Writing small engaging articles for social media posting helps to increase visitor insights on the business page.
  • How We Do It? The desired solution can be delivered only after understanding client’s perquisites appropriately. Thus, we first understand your business, your clients, and target audience before wearing your shoes. For us, SMO is not running an advertisement or campaign on the popular social media platforms. It’s about accumulating information that represents your business, your value, your vision, and your services, in each and every step to establish you as a Brand. That’s what we Do at Litost India.